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You have reached the market leaders for the supply of transfers and graphics for British Motorcycles, plus lots of other countries too.

Where we lead other follow, including copying items where we have pieced together the designs from sometimes the only known original on rusty parts.

Decal Collage

We hope you enjoy scrolling through our catalogue (links on the left), all of the British and US transfers can also be viewed in the transfer images section of the site, along with many of the continental items, although this section is still a work in progress.

By far the majority of our artwork was produced by hand drawing (as were the originals) but to keep up with modern technology we have had to convert these to vectored format. We adjust standard fonts or draw individual letters from scratch so they look as they should; an exact copy of the original.

Most of our stocks are the popular waterslide transfers but we also supply vinyl graphics for graphics that were originally supplied in that format. Some of our waterslides (but not all at the present time) can be produced as vinyl graphics. Please ask if this is your preferred format. You will recognise waterslides as being four figures and vinyl graphics being suffixed by LC. We only use the best quality 50 micron vinyl for all applications, this is the thinest available.

Our aim is to provide restorers and enthusiasts with transfers and graphics made to the highest attainable standard. Accuracy is our keyword. We produce quality transfers for quality restoration work. We believe our customers would prefer to pay just that little bit more for the perfect job. As George Brough once said "quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".


Our background is mainly motorcycle oriented but over the years, we've found that many motorcycle transfers were used on bicycles, and vice versa. If you're unable to find what you want please ask, we may be about to have it printed.

The appropriate application and overcoating instructions are always supplied with the transfers which are sent out in polythene bags within a board backed envelope, ensuring they should reach you in perfect condition at all times. We use only first class mail or airmail where appropriate.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through our catalogue and viewing the transfers in the transfer images section, helping you to find the exact items you need for your restoration.