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Transfer Images

We need coloured backgrounds on some images to show off white or light coloured transfers on a white screen. This will usually appear as a green box sitting behind the transfer

Legend: 4 Figure reference nos. only - waterslide type
4 Figure ref. nos. suffixed by LC - Vinyl graphics, best quality 2 thou vinyl
R.L.H. - Right & left hand pair

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Transfers for Vintage,
Veteran, and 1930s Motorcycles.

Transfers for Vintage, Veteran, and 1930s Motorcycles.

Being Flat Tank enthusiasts ourselves, we're naturally strong in the Vintage and Veteran motorcycle department but we also carry transfers for all of the popular makes, plus many of the smaller makes from the 1930s - the golden era of motorcycling.

Lightweights of All Ages and Post War Classics.

We have lots of choice for lightweight motorcycles, Autocycles, Mopeds and Clip-on Cyclemotors and for post war classics we have all you need for a detailed restoration, especially the 'oil grades', 'Patent Nos' etc., to compliment our items for toolboxes, mudguards and tanks.

Bicycle Transfers

Although our business is mainly motorcycle orientated, many motorcycle concerns also produced bicycles and some transfers were common to both. We are therefore able to provide a limited range of bicycle transfers and in some cases we have made bicycle transfers where we feel there may be some demand for certain items.