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James Tank Badges 8293 - £55.00 Pair (Pre-Drilled)

James Tank Badges 8293 - £55.00 Pair (Pre-Drilled)

British and US



Size (mm)
76 dia

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James Tank Badges

James Tank badges


Our domed James Tank Badges are inset into the rubber discs, screw holes pre drilled
and ready to screw directly onto your tank. (Screws not supplied).

They have a plain aluminium domed spacer between the badge and rubber which gives
added strength and ensure that the front of the badge is flush with the face of the rubber.

These are 2.375 inch dia with hole centres at 2.0625 inch.







We have endeavoured to make these as near to the original design as
practically possible. The originals were injection moulded with the back of
the badge in relief with the colours applied as a secondary process.

To produce these today in the same manner would be prohibitively expensive
with regard to tooling and reverse printing costs. The originals being
plastic tended to crack in the vicinity of the holes if the fixing screws
were overtightened. For More information contact us.


Screws are not supplied. As far as we know the originals were one eighth B.S.W. x 40 t.p.i. machine screws with a countersunk raised head x half an inch long (including the countersunk head). Screws should be tightened to press the rubber against the tank but don’t tighten too hard and use a spot of thread lock liquid to prevent loosening by vibration. Some people have found that 6ba cheesehead screws also work.